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PRODUCT   Alternators and starters



DEER Alternator Starter Battery

Remy offers a comprehensive range of alternators and starters. The brand is known for innovation and product performance. With Remy your vehicle confidence increases.

Remy alternator technology is unique, Remy's high performance alternators allow quantifiable fuel savings.

The Remy starter is protected against thermal damage and with unfavorable starting conditions such as cold start, a lower battery, Remy starters continue to operate in an optimum way.

- Remy Automotive offers 24 months warranty for all its products.
- More than 4000 Remy Automotive references are avalaible in stock a DEER.
- DEER is an official distributor for Remy Automotive.


DEER Alternator Starter Battery

Starters, Alternators and parts
More of 3000 items
12V - 24V

American , European and Asian Applications (Cummins, Caterpillar, Perkins, Kuboto, Isuzu, Volvo Penta, Iveco, Nissan ...)
High Quality Repairs and new machines.