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PRODUCT   Alternators and starters



DEER Alternator Starter Battery

Original equipment manufacturer

Mitsubishi Electric is a automobile system supplier, world-renowned for their very high level of innovation and reliability.

Mitsubishi Electric is for example the source of GPS navigation systems and electric power steering. Mitsubishi Electric develops and manufactures systems not only for cars but also for trucks and commercial vehicles.

Mitsubishi is an important provider of original equipment. The brand offers alternators, starters and electrical parts .


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Truck and Construction engine
DEER Alternator Starter Battery

Deer has in stock a large range of Original Mitsubishi starters and altternators. 

Mitsubishi has been selected for many years by the largest Truck manufacturers in the world (RVI, Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, DAF, MAN, IVECO ...) 

DEER will assist you for the identification of the right model.


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