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DEER Alternator Starter Battery


For over 50 years DEER distributes alternators and starters for all types of vehicles, this unique experience on electrical spare parts market allows us to advise you and guide you to the most suitable product according the application.

Since 2014 DEER also offers a high performance battery range and therefore became the major supplier for all your power needs for cars, trucks, leisure, agricultural and industrial machinery vehicles.

DEER distributes the following battery brands: Free Batt, Varta and Optima.

All these batteries are 100% maintenance-free and deliver high performances for many years.

We cover all applications : car batteries , motorcycle , trucks, public works , forklifts, marine, recreational vehicles, motor homes, campers, lawn mowers, tractors ...

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DEER Alternator Starter Battery

EVERKRAFT Alternators & Starters

EVERKRAFT, alternators and starters Light & Heavy Duty, the EVERKRAFT range products are all selected by DEER

You will find in the range of both controlled price products, but also products of Mitsubishi, Denso , Valeo, Bosch, Nikko, Sawafuji , Hitachi.

The goal for us is to offer a complete range for cars, trucks and industry, agriculture and landscape, marine and leasure applications. The large majority of alternators and starters EVERKRAFT are new products which do not require return of old materials. Saving time and money for you and your customers .

DEER Alternator Starter Battery


Deer exclusively offers the EVERKRAFT BATTERIES.

A competitive price with high technology brand.

• Calcium / Calcium Technology
• Maintenance
• Storage 12 months
• Anti explosion Cover
• Ready to use
• Central degassing
• starting power